HackDay festival

Festival HackDay 2018

HackDay 2018: From idea to prototype in 24 hours!

Date: November 10-11, 2018

Location: Bakshasaray Reception House

Total number of participants

 20 people:

4 people in each section.

Hackday is the largest annual festival of ideas in the CIS, where young professionals in creative and informal environments turn their ideas into working startups. In Kazakhstan, the festival has been held since 2011.

This year, Hackday includes the following sections:

⎯ Cinema and Video

⎯ Content and Media

⎯ “Information technology”

⎯ “Mobile Technologies”

⎯ Design and animation.

The format of the festival is the creation and development of a project from idea to prototype in 24 hours. During this time, participants must develop, come up with, create a solution for the tasks in the selected section. Tasks are given by partners and organizers of the festival.

Participants: students of universities and colleges, undergraduates and doctoral students of universities, young professionals in various fields

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